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December 21, 2012
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BLA: Grey Thomas by Cavaler BLA: Grey Thomas by Cavaler
Ways to RP with Grey:

:bulletred:First name: Grey

:bulletred:Middle name: Loviit

:bulletred:Last name: Thomas

:bulletred:Position in the bedroom: Suke (switches)

:bulletred:Nicknames: none yet

:bulletred:Gender: Male

:bulletred:Ethnicity: Southern American

:bulletred:Age: 28

:bulletred:Birthday: March 17th

:bulletred:Eye color: green

:bulletred:Hair color: Honey brown

:bulletred:Height: 511

:bulletred:Weight: 187lbs

:bulletred:In a relationship with:
will add once the app is up!

:bulletred:Easily flustered
:bulletred:Southernly redneck
:bulletred:Socially awkward
:bulletred:Studios (somewhat)

Grey is a really open kind of person who really enjoys a lot of anything if you really give him the tools to do it. And he doesn't have to do much on his feet, because he will trip. He is really loving and cuddly if you give him the chance but because he has a hard time making friends it makes it harder for him to do things like that. he doesn't really like to be alone but he always ends up that way. He likes anything that smells good or looks aesthetically pleasing. but don't let the sweet exterior full you, when provoked this one will have a lot to say in more of red neck style or not. It will happen. He can be blunt or indecisive., with a very passive approach to any kind of situation. Chances are he wont fight unless backed into a corner, and even then there wont be much of anything due to the fact that violence is not in his vocabulary. Verbal abuse however is a different story.

:bulletred:Music (classical)
:bulletred:Soap opera (guilty pleasure XD)
:bulletred:Warm nights in the bed with a good book

The man likes what he likes, and he on the off chance you dont like it either, could care less what you thought about it. Being happy and doing what he wants is something Grey has focused on since he was sixteen and decided he wanted to move away. He enjoys the thought of soft music and a good book, which he will read just about anything, there is hardly a book that he doesnt like except something like 50 shades of grey. If he is going to read something like that then it minds well be well written.

:bulletred:Being yelled at
:bulletred:Feeling worthless
:bulletred:Headaches (since he gets them all the time)
:bulletred:Loads of paperwork
:bulletred:Water (he cant swim worth a damn)

Grey has had a run in with really bad headaches and other illnesses when he was younger. He gets them all the time, sometimes randomly without warning and sometime the pain is so awful it will knock him to his knees. He doesnt really like to take medication despite being a doctor and prescribing it to others. He will sit through the pain no matter how bad it is.

Special talents and attributes:

:bulletred:At a talent for shooting on the mark
:bulletred:Can wrap a bandage perfectly
:bulletred:Making people feel comfortable or safe around
him (hes cuddly and nice so whatever XD))

:bulletred:Dreams: To save as many lives as possible.

:bulletred:Phobias: Agliophobia (fear of pain)

:bulletred:Favorite flower: Adams Needle

:bulletred:Subject teaching: School doctor/ First aid training.


Grey grew up in the southern part of the USA with all the red necks. He however turned out alright and somewhat proper after moving to England but he still has that redneck blood in him. His family and people he lived around always picked on him and though down on him because he wanted to become a doctor and help people. Because of this he was thrown out when he was 18 and forced to live on the streets for a few years until he was able to get on his feet which was hard in the economy of today. HE is very cautious with his money and very careful about where he goes and what he does. However he is always up for a new adventure. As of now his relationship with his family is still slighted and they are not speaking.

For :iconbl-a:
Character art and BL-A belong to me!
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