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September 21, 2012
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BL-A: Jackel Reiner by Cavaler BL-A: Jackel Reiner by Cavaler
I was recently added as a Co-founder in :iconbl-a: and i get a teacher character and a student. Here is my student see my other dork here-> [link] YEAH

Jackel is also wearing the prototype uniform for the school :D he also dresses like this so it is appropriate ;v; Let me know what you think i might change it, It also comes with a black Jacket >v> I will make the full one once i decide what I'm doing and if the founder wants to keep this as the uniform or not ;3;

Ways To RP with me:
I can do paragraph or just chart RP ;v;b

:bulletred:First Name: Jackel

:bulletred:Last Name: Reiner

:bulletred:Nickname: Jack (goes by this)

:bulletred:Gender: Faggot Male

:bulletred:Ethnicity: Irish/Northerner (from Brooklyn)


:bulletred:Birthday: October 12th

:bulletred:Eye Color: Hauntingly green

:bulletred:Hair Colour: Red (hehasnosoul)

:bulletred:Height: 5 foot 7 and a half |D

:bulletred:Weight: 182 pounds

:bulletred: Position in the bedroom: Suke (but is often more of an uke then a seme)

:bulletred:In a Relationship with:

Angelo De Luca

He and Angelo started their 'delicate' relationship after Jackel fell out of a tree and sprained his arm |D. Since Jackel is a big school girl he tends to blush and fluster over things he likes, because of this his affection for Angelo was rather bold and he has become a little more comfortable with himself since he started his little thing with Angie. He is learning to not be so skiddish and act like a deer, but these things take time. He seems to be rather happy with his boyfriend and it helps a lot also with his heart condition. He feels at peace if his has Angie to distract him and play music together.


-Harley: While Harley was a student teacher he helped out in a class that Jackel had when he was a freshman in high school. They don't know each other too well but they can sit and have a conversation over tea and come out with new things learned.


Jack is a rather quiet and jumpy little character. He is very shy when it comes to new people so if he can find one person he can get close to it is a blessing. Though he is very friendly and likes to talk but it is possible you will have to make the first move. He is sweet but hell if he don't have quiet a bite. He gets irritated easily and he hates to be around girls any older then 17. He doesn't mind getting into trouble and he loves the paranormal and loves to be outside most when it is dark. You are most likely to find him with a good supernatural romance or possibly something dealing with Ghost.


Jackel likes anything creepy really anything dark, he likes candles, guitar (seeing as he plays), singing, writing, reading, anything really mind stabling.


Not that he is a vampire but anything bright tends to hurt his head, mostly he is just sensitive to bright lights because of being in the house for such a long time. He also doesn't like the taste of salad so he wont eat it. He isnt very fond of women, even more so the mean ones *cough*Redd*cough*

:bulletred:Special Talents/Attributes:

Jackel plays a classic wooded guitar and he sings, he is found doing it by himself not really a performer. The stage fright gets to him. He has a rough time paying attention an anything because if someone is giving a lecture his hands will often find a pen and start to write. He must be kept busy /D


His dream has always been to be a Musician. Though with the falling economy he seemed to feel safer with going for a Doctor. He has lots of first aid training and holds a high respect for many of the teachers at the Academy


This boys loves Spiders and Snakes so if anything was going to scare him it would probably be a roller coaster because they are fast and loud and have a chance of breaking while you are on them.

:bulletred:Favorite Flower:

Chinese Lotus

:bulletred:Short Biography:

Jackel is from the big and bad New York city where all the gang members come out to play. Speaking with a Brooklyn accent he famously got from his father he was born into a middle class family that slowly reached the one percent as he grew up. HE isn't an only child he has two brothers and a sister all a good 7 to 10 years younger than him. He grew up fine until his siblings were born and his mother conveniently seemed to forget about her oldest child as he got older. She eventually became an alcoholic and took her drunken rage out on her children. Being the older brother and the only man in the house when his father was away at work the little kids looked up to him for protection, so he always took the beating for them, which were sometimes very brutal. Eventually he started failing his classes from missing so much school from broke bones and other injury's and his father shipped him away to the Academy so he could focus on his studies and not on the abuse. He still talks to his siblings every day and tries not to worry about them, though it often gets the better of him.

:bulletred:Has a lot of tattoos
:bulletred:Wears at least 3 or 4 crosses at the same time because he is rather superstitious.
:bulletred:Has a weak spot for sweets
:bulletred:He has a heart condition so he cant run to much or he might kill over. (its mediocre and not to a point where it is deathly serious.)
:bulletred:He has three eyebrow piercings, 10 ear piercings, and one tongue piercing.

aahhhhhh i love his design >v> feel free to talk to me if you want to hook out characters up /D

Art and characterİMckinley L.
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redleaveshavefallen Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
dsjhgruygejrg43w my goodness. This is perfect. I saw him and was immediately drawn to your appealing and unique art style, but then I started reading and...
His name is Jack. He loves music. He may be a doctor. He has an accent, and stands out in a crowd. This guy. is perfect. We shall be friends. It shall happen. Nothing can get in our way. I hope.

I am going to start an RP right now and it will be gorgeous. <3 (And I apologize for its length ;A; )

Jack: Jack Gutherie was sitting on a bench near the sea. he was bored, as usual. So so bored. So incredibly bored. There was nothing interesting to do, nothing cool to see. Used to large crowds of people in his old school, he was a horrible man in solidarity. To cope with the isolation of his new circumstances, he had been driven to making large shows of himself in order to entertain his odd need for attention.

So now he sat on a bench, thinking up a new plan. Something exciting and attention grabbing. This morning, he had already dressed up in a cheap suit from a pawn shop and started quoting lines from every British play he could think of to passing people in the street. Now he needed something else to do. A fancy hat sat in his hands, and he hummed a song that had been stuck in his head for maybe the past hour. Then, not unaccustomed to singing in public, and actually finding it quite enjoyable, he decided to sing.

"Have you ever wondered, well I have,
About how when I say, say, red, for example,
There's no way of knowing if red
Means the same thing in your head
As red means in my head
When someone says red?

And how if we are traveling
At almost the speed of light,
And we're holding a light,
That light would still travel away from us
At the full speed of light?"
Cavaler Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012
Oh my goodness your comment scared me for a moment /D But i am so glad you like him and i want them to be friends and i want Us to be friends too!! >w< I dont think i have gotten a chance to RP with you yes so i am glad to have a chance at giving Jack a good friend ovo Double the Jack double the crazy

Jackel: The Red head was taking a mid afternoon walk with his guitar help up nicely on his back. The sea was so pretty out here, Brooklyn never had much of a sight to see within the cluttered roads and the loud obnoxious crowds. The quiet was doing him well. He walked past a bench where a dark headed boy sat singing song he knew well.

Not meaning to even jump in he took the next verse away on instinct.

"Which seems right in a way,
But I'm trying to say... I'm not sure...
But I'm wondering inside my head,
I'm not just a bit different from some of my friends...
These answers that come into my mind unbidden...
These stories delivered to me fully written...

And when everyone shouts - they seem to like shouting -
The noise in my head is incredibly loud,
And I just wish they'd stop, my dad and my mom,
And the telly and stories would stop just for once."
redleaveshavefallen Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh goodness I again apologize for the long comment. And I always feel silly making Jack sing because I feel like I'm writing a songfic. XD Do you ever feel that way?

Jack: About to start the next verse, he was cut off when he heard another voice. Turning quickly, a grin spread like crazy across his face as he saw someone was continuing the song. He had always dreamt of this happening, and here it was. Someone was continuing his song. And a showtune, at that! It was like a real musical. He was so excited he had to keep himself from screaming.

Trying to keep out any quaver from his voice, he continued where the red head left off, determined not to be left behind.

"I'm sorry - I'm not quite explaining it right,
But this noise becomes anger, and the anger is light,
And its burning inside me would usually fade,
But it isn't today, and the heat and the shouting,
And my heart is pounding, and my eyes are burning,
And suddenly everything, everything is...
Cavaler Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012
Oh you are fine XD i love long comments if they are positive you know XD? Sometimes i feel that way yes XD.

Jackel: He turned suddenly at the other voice not knowing he had been singing out loud, he almost panicked and thought maybe he just should run the other direction. But something made him freeze in his efforts and give a small smile pulling his guitar out and strumming the tunes song and continuing the next verse.

Like silence, but not really silent...
Just that still sort of quiet
Like the sound of a page being turned in a book,
Or a pause in a walk in the woods.

Like silence, but not really silent...
Just that nice kind of quiet,
Like the sound when you lie upside down in your bed.
Just the sound of your heart in your head..."
redleaveshavefallen Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Jack: Jack walked over while the red head sang the first part of the chorus, and by the second part he was only a few feet away, singing along while smiling at the guitar playing.

"And though the people around me,
Their mouths are still moving,
The words they are forming
Cannot reach me anymore.

And it is quiet...
And I am warm...
Like I've sailed
Into the eye of the storm..."
Cavaler Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012
Jackel: He found himself with a rather huge smile plastered on his face. He then turned a little to the left to see who he had been singing with. A rather oddly dressed fellow the the spikiest hair he had ever seen. He looked rather friendly and Jackel seemed to feel comfortable around him regardless of his usual shy nature. "I don't know many others who know that song." he breathed playing with the strings on his instrument.
redleaveshavefallen Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Jack: "Neither do I. Not that it isn't a popular musical, but most people don't memorize the lyrics to show tunes; not to mention the guitar chords." He grinned, and crouched on one knee, taking Jackel's hand before looking into his eyes.

"I'm Jack Gutherie. I think you are my soul mate." He faked kissing his hand, before laughing and looking back up at him. "And what would be your name?" He winked foolishly.
Cavaler Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012
Jackel: He smiled at his actions and thought about quoting Shakespeare but couldn't think of a line that would go good with the situation. "You are quite the theater person aren't you?" he grinned.
"May name Is Jackel, I would say call me Jack but then we would get a little confused. And where is this soul mate thing coming from?" he laughed.
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DarkWolfKiki Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~ All dat sexiness! MMMMMM!!!! He is mine!~♥♥♥♥ xD
Cavaler Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012
Oh god all these people claiming my characters /D
im glad you like it
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